Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A beginning

Here I am beginning a blog for the Whitehouse Community Library because I am taking a webinar on all the new technology.  I know that blogging is not new. In fact, I have a personal blog, but for the Library I'm going to blog because I belive it is important.  As I study and learn, I will improve so bear with me  for a while.

The blog will be in  addition to our newsletter and the announcements on our OPAC page.  Hopefully, it will keep our patrons up to date on what's happening in our small area of the library world and even further afield as I learn.

I've been the Library Director since November, 1993.  All I knew when I started (out of sheer necessity to keep the Library open) was that I loved libraries and my kids as well as my community needed it.  So I have learned through lots of workshops and hard knocks how to do basic "libraryiing".  So join me in my quest to upgrade our technical knowledge and skills.